Theme Installation

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information in regard to installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex –

Extract the zipped package downloaded from themeforest to your desktop, in the extracted package you will find inside theme folder which is the wordpress theme.You can install the theme in two ways:

  1. FTP
    extract file and upload to …/wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.
  2. WordPress Admin
    Go to Appearance(1) › Themes(2)  › Add New(3)  › Upload Theme(4). Click Browse(5) in the folowing section and choose from your hard drive. Press Install Now(6) button.

After these steps , you have to activate it. Go to Appearance(1) › Themes(2) and click Activate(7) button.

Plugins Installation

After activation you get next message with the link Begin installing plugins(8). Click it.

You’ll be redirected to Appearance › Install Plugins(9), where you can install them:

Note: there are next plugins to install:
– One Click Demo Import,
– Contact Form 7,
– Slider Revolution,
– Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder,
– WPBakery Page Builder,
– WooCommerce,
– jOLiSHOP Author Social Icons,
– jOLiSHOP Custom Footer.

Then activate installed plugins.


Ok. So here is the preview how it looks after previous steps. Nothing wrong, it’s ok. To achieve the result you saw on the previews of theme we need to install the demo-content. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see the pictures. But you’ll be able to see the rest of items.



First, importing the slider. Go to Slider Revolution(15) and click Import Slider(16) button.


Press Choose File(17) and pick Then click Import Slider(18).

Note: you have to extract this file from You can find it it theme files.


It will appears on same page.



This step is optional, depends on your needs. There are 2 ways to go on:

  1. Do not install demo-content and just start to fill the shop with your content. We recommend this way for advanced users
  2. Install demo-content via WordPress Import Tool, which works not really good on some steps, but is standard.

Go to Tools(19) › Import(20) and click Install Now(21) in WordPress section. After installation this button turns to Run Importer(22) button. Press it. We get next
page Import WordPress with Choose File(23) button. Select our demo.xml from (in theme files) and click Upload file and import(24).


The final dialog offers you to create a different Author Name for this template. By default it is set to John & Lidia Smith (admin). You can set your own in the create new user with login name(25) or assign posts to an existing user(26) fields. Check Download and import file attachments(27) and click Submit(28).


Unfortunately, the native WordPress Import Tool works badly. You can see many import failures.


Main Page looks worst. The rest so-so. You’ll have to adjust many settings to get the Live Preview result. This is why we recommend to install theme via All-in-One WP Migration plugin.

All-in-One WP Migration

The easier and more accurate method to achieve the jOLiSHOP full structure is installing theme via All-in-One WP Migration plugin. The advantage of this way is you don’t need to install plugins, demo-content and set up many things. Another privilege is the perfect content matching after importing of all things without any errors. Before this, you have to install the theme. You can find a detailed guide how to do that in Standard Installation.

After theme installation go to Plugins(29) › Add New(30). Click Upload Plugin(31). In the folowing section press Browse(32) button and choose from in your theme files folder. Install Now(33) button.


The installer will get us to next page with installed and activated All-in-One WP Migration plugin


Next, go to  All-in-One WP Migration(34) › Import(35). Click Import from(36) & File(37) from dropdown menu. Choose jolishop-all-in-one.wpress from same


Here is how the importing dialog will looks like.


After it’s done the following warning will appear. It’s ok, click Continue button.


Next dialog shall follow…


Finally, after successful importing Click Close button.


Now, we have a perfect copy of jOLiSHOP theme, which is set up exactly like in theme Live Preview. The only exclusion are the photos, which are replaced with black pictures, because of the Themeforest rules and license terms.


There are not so much things you can set up here for this moment. We recommend to change only Theme Colors. The rest of sections are not good to adjust from
here. They are described more detailed in other articles of this Guide and are more flexible and complete.

Go to  Appearance › Customize › Theme Colors. You can adjust colors for some backgrounds, fonts and main accents.


The last important setting is A static page. It allows to set Home Page (or any other) as a Main Page. By default WP uses blog posts for this page.

Go to  Settings(38) › Reading(39) › Front page displays(40). Choose radio-button A static page, set Home for Front page and Blog for Posts page dropdowns.

Note: you have to create Home page and empty Blog page before this step.